Other Educational Opportunities

CSCMP Global Convention Student Sponsorship: 

The Columbus Roundtable usually sponsors up to 2 college students to attend the Global CSCMP convention every fall.  We are one of a few roundtables that are able to sponsor 2.  This is a great experience for students as it is fully funded by CSCMP and the Roundtable and grants them ultimate exposure to the Supply Chain Industry while engaging them in the program.

Central Ohio College and University Outreach: 

With the expanded resources of our educational team we have started to reach out to local colleges and universities to explore and create additional awareness to CSCMP and offering speaker services to the classroom and connecting to other CSCMP programs.

Topic Specific Educational Workshops: 

Last season we held a full day workshop on Executive Decisions in Supply Chain Management. The program targeted key areas on interest in Supply Chain and featured two well published industry leaders, Ken Ackerman and Art VanBodegraven.  We plan to hold another topic focused workshop in January 2010 timeframe.