CSCMP and CRLC co-hosted event Driverless Logistics-Autonomous Delivery Technology

Imagine a driverless car driving you to a CSCMP event while knowing your driverless fleet is delivering orders to your customers, lowering costs, and allowing you to focus on delivering value across your supply chain. At one point, it was far-fetched. Now, driverless technology and its applications are becoming increasingly salient and we’ve got the local experts to get you into the driver(less) seat.

On August 19th, CSCMP and CRLC will be co-hosting Driverless Logistics-Autonomous Delivery Technology at Huntington Park where you can understand the applications and impact this technology will have on Logistics. Giving you the edge of local knowledge and expertise from leaders at Ohio State And Pillar Technology.

Our guest panel includes:

  •  Arda Kurt (Ohio State)- Sr Research Associate in Intelligent Transportation Systems and Autonomous Vehicles
    • Expertise in autonomous vehicles, robots and related systems, and telematics technology
  •  Matt Van Vleet (Pillar Technology)- Chief Strategy Fulfillment Officer and VP Practice Development
  •  DJ Daugherty (Pillar Technology)- Software Artisan
    • Delivering business value at breakneck speed

Now the specifics:

When: August 19th, 4:00p-7:00p

Where: Huntington Park, Left Field Building, 2nd Floor, 330 Huntington Park Lane, Columbus, OH 43215

What: Includes post-meeting ballpark buffet and ticket to the Clippers game afterwards

Cost: FREE for CSCMP or CRLC Members. Non-Members $30

Registration is now open:

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